Have a idea that requires drawings to manufacture?

Have a customer presentation that requires a 3D model?

Austin Technical Resource can help you put that idea down on paper!





Austin Technical Resource can take your "Conceptual Design from Dreams to Reality"
We have the software so together let us bring your design or invention to life with drawings.




Austin Tech offers the following services:

* Converting old blueprints into a 3D model
* Documenting existing machinery
* Machine design modifications
* Electrical schematics, plc documentation, panels layouts, conduit schedules
* Documenting new ideas or inventions for manufacturing


For more information contact:
Betty Boice - CAD Technician / Technical Drafter / Mechanical Designer / Owner
Independent Contractor
E-mail bboice@austintechnical.com
Phone 1-920-265-6994

Offering over thirty years drafting experience
and more than eight years detailing with Autodesk's Inventor 3D software.
It's your future, this is where experience counts.